Coming to Living Waters Naturopathic has been a ray of hope for me. It was a couple of months after completing 6 months of Humira for psoriatic arthritis. I was in desperate need of healing from a bad reaction which interestingly enough was psoriasis from head to toe. Sandra listened to my story and presented me with a customized wellness plan. Immediately, I could feel the results: better sleep, energy and my skin healing. It has been almost 3 months since my first visit to LWN and my skin has almost completely cleared up. I am on a new journey that will be a life time and the best part is sharing this hope with others. Thank you, Sandra!
God bless. Angie

Highly recommend Dr Dean as a caring practitioner who seeks the root cause of my complex health challenges. Her cutting edge resources coupled with her broad knowledge have given me new hope for complete healing!! Always a pleasure! -Sara

Dr. Dean, Thank you so so much for yesterday.
It was the first time I left an appointment and felt a sense of hope and felt that I had been heard.-Abigail

Dr. Dean, best doctor I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and seeing on a regular basis. I was
diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that was affecting my liver and my liver enzyme levels were
in dangerously high levels. It wasn’t until I saw Dr. Dean that she was able to help me get my liver
enzymes under control. She has also helped me with migraines and whatever sickness or pain that pops
up in daily life. She will take the time to get to know you and she genuinely cares about you as a person.-Ray

Dr. Dean has helped my child with his nosebleeds, what once was an all too common occurrence has
almost all but disappeared. Dr. Dean is easily accessible between visits and often times will reach out to
us if we’ve been sick to see if we’re feeling better. You will not regret establishing care with her.-Katherine

I recently was diagnosed with stage 1 colorectal cancer … and surgery to remove it. That’s a lot ! Knowing recovery would require more than regular medicine knows how to manage , I reached out to Dr Dean . Through her testing and expertise, we are able to see pathways to true balance and health , not just covering up symptoms with drugs ! So very grateful for her commitment to real Health Care.-Amy

Hi Dr. Dean! Hope all is well. Eli is doing so well on the tincture. He’s sleeping great and his rash is gone! Can't thank you enough!! -Jill

At the end of 2021, I had contracted a pretty severe respiratory illness that was going around. I was feeling ill for a couple weeks, but didn't do anything about it and unfortunately, I got worse and developed double, viral pneumonia, and my oxygen levels were in the 70's. I went to the ER. I'll spare you the details of my care in the ER, but after 24 hrs I ultimately chose that it was better for me to leave the hospital. The same day I left the hospital, my wife contacted Dr. Dean who jumped right into action. She gave us a detailed protocol to follow which included some medical equipment, medicine and herbal treatments and told us exactly what to do. Within days I was feeling a marked improvement in my health; and ultimately, I recovered 100%. When I left the hospital I was told by the staff that if I chose to leave that I would most likely die. We're thankful that, thanks in large part to the treatment provided by Dr. Dean, I recovered quickly and completely (and affordably). Dr. Dean was able to treat my illness utilizing her many years of experience and knowledge. Also, through this entire process, she treated us with confidence and compassion; with dignity and like we're actual humans, not just a number. We're very thankful.
-Mike and Jen

Thank you so, so much for your time today. I am feeling so optimistic about being on the right path to healing! I am thankful for you! -Jennifer

I’m so very thankful for Dr. Dean’s expertise and her care and her time!! Thank you! Grace and Peace!! -Lillian

So I just completed the 30-day program yesterday. Amazing!!! So rejuvenating!!! Good call by the Doc!!! -Bo

I wanted to give you an update that I feel better. I made many of the changes you recommended and started the protocol last week. We have been very encouraged!! -Mary

Thanks so much for everything! I am realizing more than the doctors know so little and I'm so thankful for all of the therapies you have recommended to strengthen the boys through this.
Thanks so much! -Martina

You work with such devotion and have so much patience! Thank you for all that you do! -Lane

Thank you for your time! Wanted to tell you how grateful I am for this new regimen! It is delightful! -Paula

Dr. Dean, We are Seeing behavioral improvements! Thank you!!! - Jill

Hello, I just wanted to let you know how much this protocol has helped already! My cycle started back and I feel great. Bless you Dr. Dean. - Pam

Thank you for our meal plan, it has been going great! The kids loved the chickpea blondies we actually made more of them! They have been eating so well, finally! -Mira

Philip is doing so much better, actually went to Bible study Thursday morning. It is a MIRACLE!!  -Lisa

Thank you, Dad is doing great!! He has his energy back, and Dad is telling everyone he knows, about his wonderful Doctor. - Vicky

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